Prize winners 2019

Category 1 "THE BEST TOY DOLL“ Ms Jenny Fae Blank, Deutschland
Category 2.1: "THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF A BABY“ Ms Iveta Eckertová, Tschechien
Category 2.2: "THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF A CHILD“ Ms Regina Helmschrot & Bettine Klemm, Deutschland
Category 3: "THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF A TEENAGER“ Ms Olga Venzhega, Deutschland
Category 4: "THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF AN ADULT“ Ms Gisela Mackeldey, Deutschland
Category 5: "THE BEST PORTRAIT DOLL“ Ms Ekaterina Shardakova, Russland
Category 6: "THE BEST FANTASY DOLL“ Ms Maryna Zimina, Deutschland
Category 7: "THE BEST MINATURE DOLL“ Ms Cosette Gall-Claude, Schweiz
Category 8: "THE BEST CARICATURE“ Ms Helga Batow, Deutschland
Category 9: "THE BEST THEMATIC WORK“ Ms Inga Ivashchenko, Russland
Special Category 10: "EXPERIMENTAL DOLL ART“ Ms Silvia Baukloh, Deutschland
Special Category 10: "EXPERIMENTAL DOLL ART“ Mr Sonja Wieland, Deutschland
Special Category 11: "NEWCOMER PRIZE“ Ms Anna Morozova, Russland
Special Category 11: "NEWCOMER PRIZE“ Mr Viacheslav Osypenko, Ukraine
Special Category 12: "PRIZE WINNERS' CATEGORY“ Ms Anastasia Yanovskaya, Russland
Special Category 13: "THE BEST COMPLETE WORKS OF AN ESTABLISHED ARTIST“ Ms Hildegard Günzel, Deutschland

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